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Because believing in opportunities means creating them.

We drive businesses to build a digital and sustainable future

We believe in a way of doing things that breaks barriers, a way of understanding the client that goes beyond the superficial, by empathizing with their needs, acting from their heart and our reason.

A multidisciplinary talent team that strives to surpass itself with each challenge, generating a real and lasting impact over time, from honest dedication, nonconformity and vision.

We use the power of digitalization, through shared human talent to drive enduring businesses over time.

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What defines us

Data lovers

A data driven company

We listen in a restless, expert and creative manner, to transform data and digital technologies into a real business impact. “Less data, better data”.

Devoted team

A human driven company

We believe in the multiplier effect achieved from deep immersion in the client’s organization to ensure a full understanding of people and processes.


An impact driven company

We inspire our clients’ present to create a sustainable future. Thinking differently is part of our competitive advantage.

Believing in opportunities means creating them

Our impact

Our impact

Our impact

Our impact

Combining our knowledge in digitalization, innovation and sustainability, we shake up companies to boost their growth.

We identify opportunities for improvement, growth and new businesses creation, providing support throughout the journey to turn them into reality.

Our impact


We boost the digital transformation journey with clear strategies and effective data governance.

Discover how to leverage technology and data to maximize your efficiency, offer unique experiences, and gain the necessary autonomy to lead your transformation process.

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Data at the service of business

Becoming a data-driven company at all levels.

Our impact


We transform your company’s operations with a customer-focused approach.

We boost your after-sales business by establishing product and service strategies through the incorporation of digital technologies.

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Connected automatic access

The transformation towards digital solutions in the control of automatic access.

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Innovation goes beyond creating value; it is a necessary investment to react to disruptive threats.

Discover how we inspire to create digital and sustainable businesses, contrast the market response, and develop the strategy for their launch.

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HRE Automotion

New digital business unit

Design, validation, and launch of HRE's new digital business unit.




Data governance

Data analytics

Customer-oriented digitalization



Connected product strategy

After sales business

Circular economy



Digital products and services

Market test

Launch strategy and plan

Believing in opportunities means creating them

They trust us

The collaboration of Digitalentu in our digital transformation has been more than strategic, offering value that goes beyond traditional consultancy. With a customer-centric approach and a holistic vision, their team brings optimism and exceptional management, making things happen… with flexibility, adaptability, and care.

I feel we are more than just a ‘client’; Digitalentu commits to making the impossible possible with our goals. We deeply appreciate the team behind Digitalentu and look forward to continuing together on this journey.

Esther Velasco

Managing Director

HRE Automation

Digitalentu has a deep understanding of CBM (Condition-Based Maintenance) and a clear vision of how digitalization will change the industry.

Unlike many other experts in this field, Digitalentu also knows exactly how the business works. Because of this fact, Digitalentu can bring people on board for the journey of digital transformation against all odds.

Thilo Kotch

Global Product and IP Manager


Working and learning with the Digitalentu team has been one of the best professional experiences we have had.

Thanks to their vision, work dynamics, and team involvement, they have led us to digitalize and package our service offerings turning us into the best post-sales service platform in our sector. Thank you for making it possible!

Ramón Gómez

Corporate Director

Fagor, Onnera Group

Digitalentu has been the perfect partner in ERREKA’s journey from the point of view of using digitalization as a lever for the growth of our business and without a doubt it will have a very positive impact on our positioning as a company in the market.

The total involvement and knowledge of the Digitalentu team have been key to the success of the projects in which we have collaborated. Eskerrik asko!

Aitor Sotes

Managing Director, Connected Access BU


We have embarked on an incredible journey with Digitalentu, which has enabled us to develop a robust digital business model and work on the essential elements to advance it in a way that’s completely tailored to our unique situation.

Elixabete Ayerbe

Team Leader, Energy storage


I’ve been fortunate to work with Digitalentu, and right from the start, they make a distinct difference. In daily operations, you realize that every question they ask and every step they suggest is precisely targeted.

They excel at anticipating your needs and offering customized solutions. They are outstanding partners in this thrilling journey towards regional digitalization.

Begoña Beobide

General Manager

Iraurgi Berritzen

The commitment to the project, the intensity, the methodology, and the dynamic nature of DIGITALENTU’s work sessions have provided us with the essential foundations to successfully undertake the AIRLAN SERVICE project.

We can assert that the outcome has surpassed our expectations. Congratulations to the Digitalentu team for the excellent job.

Joseba Gobela

Managing Director


It has been tremendously fortunate to have met the Digitalentu team. Together, hand in hand and ‘from the ground up’, we have succeeded in defining and valuing services that complement part machining, and we have validated new digital business opportunities in less than six months, thereby making a clear impact on our business.

Thank you, Digitalentu, for the practical learning, for helping us to overcome our fears, and for preparing us to keep moving forward.

Aitzol Alberdi

Managing Director

Alberdi Mekanizatuak

Our leap into digital services was a significant challenge, requiring us to step out of our comfort zone. In Digitalentu, we found the guidance and innovative perspective we needed. Their methodology, team management, and proactivity exceeded our expectations.

The attitude of the Digitalentu team has been impressive, giving them a unique identity. Moreover, our relationship built on trust and complicity has made everything easier. Thank you for everything, now it’s in our hands to implement it!

Gorka Guerra

Manager, TV & Multimedia BU

Fagor Electrónica

Thanks to the Digitalentu team, we have had the opportunity to reflect and give a significant boost to our after sales activity, focusing on digitalization aimed at increasing our customer satisfaction, developing and offering new services and identifying new opportunities. Digitalentu has integrated itself as part of the team, making our goals their own.

Ana Goyen

Managing Director, Wind Energy


The Digitalentu team, professional and highly talented, has infused their energy and expert knowledge in digitalization and service design into Petritegi. Thanks to them, we have defined our digital service proposal and an action plan for digital transformation, focusing on key technologies to enhance the experience in our hospitality and cider production businesses.

This will allow us to offer unique experiences to our customers, attract more business, and improve our internal efficiency. We are proud of this successful collaboration.

Ainara Otaño

Managing Director


Esther Velasco
Thilo Kotch
Ramón Gómez
Elixabete Ayerbe
Begoña Beobide
Joseba Gobela
Aitzol Alberdi
Gorka Guerra
Ana Goyen
Ainara Otaño


Digitalentu Group

We accompany you throughout the journey and take risks together.


Business model innovation based on digital technologies

ADI Revolution

Sales digitalization of Industrial and B2B companies

Investment in technology-based startups

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